Wednesday, March 5, 2014

fourteen months later...

Clint was away all weekend, so I decided it would be perfect timing to finish painting our room and get something up on the wall behind it.

Clint is absolutely adamant we'll never have a legitimate headboard because he hates when pillows fall between the crack of the mattress and the headboard, so we've been living with our bed against the wall for all 3 years of our marriage. Not exactly the homiest way to live.

So, like I said last Friday, we'd been living with an absolute horribly half-painted room for 14 months. It wasn't even like we had clean lines where we'd decided to end. We just quit mid paint job.

My mom came and helped me move the massive bed and clean the walls up to paint and my dad helped me move it back the next day after everything had dried. Teamwork makes the dream work.

I painted after Reuben went to bed for the night. Praise the Lord for 6:15 bedtime! It only took a couple hours and it honestly flew by thanks to trusty Law and Order: SVU.

Once it was dried and the bed was moved back, it was time to clean, organize, and decorate. I had big plans of doing a really cool display behind the bed, but I ran out of time/energy, so some twine, tape, photos, and old book pages did the trick just fine. I'm sure I'll update it to something a little more to scale with a king sized bed eventually...

probably in like 14 months.


  1. It looks good! And yes, it totally takes forever to get things done with kids. So you're doing great. I had to laugh about your husband not wanting to have a headboard because of the pillow falling thing... I just saw a commercial for the Mattress Wedge. Have you seen this? Might be a way to get him to get a headboard if you really want it :)

    You could totally paint a "headboard" on the wall behind the bed. Might be another option.

    1. Cat, you may be my new favorite person... a mattress wedge. Genius!!! I see all these gorgeous headboards and I have to just love them from afar. But maybe not anymore!

  2. Lol, it's totally one of those "as seen on tv" products, so who knows if it works, but it might.


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