Monday, March 3, 2014

12 little white onesies

It is over.

I got 12 semi-successful pictures of Reuben somewhat close to monthly in a white onesie that may or may not have actually fit.

While I am SO thankful to have these sweet memories (is he seriously the same baby as that little squinty peanut from month one?!), our next babies will have monthly photos taken differently. I had two issues:

1. Finding 12 different, not girly, fabric surfaces already owned to lay him on. I didn't want to spend money on fabric just for a single picture, so I used sheets, comforters, and blankets. I was officially out of non pink or leopard print things by the time December rolled around, so I was super thankful we got a new white comforter and blue Duke blanket. Perfect timing!

2. Having a white long sleeved onesie in the right size every month. It obviously didn't happen if you look at months 6-11-- oops! He just doesn't ever wear a plain white onesie. He had one in (what I thought should be) each size, but if I couldn't find it, we were just out of luck. Once it got to the 20s of the month, I'd start getting desperate and would use whatever white onesie I could find. I think he's in a 6-9 mo one in his 11 mo photo.

Next kid(s), I will do a plain diaper and plain background. I just didn't think when I committed to his month one photo and when I got a few months in and saw how it was going to be a pain, the OCD in me came out and I couldn't change that far in and have photos that didn't match.

So there ya go! I hope you learn from my mistakes...

And enjoyed seeing little man grow up in the blink of an eye!

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