Saturday, July 12, 2014

stomach bugs are for the birds.

Do birds even get stomach bugs?

I sure wouldn't wish it on them if they don't.

Reuben had one this week and it was disgusting and pitiful. No throwing up, thankfully, but pleeeenty of other things happened and it was just gross. Not the more glorious of mom weeks.

A WHOLE lot of cuddling was had.

Praise the Lord for Netflix. Daniel Tiger, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Tinkerbell movies got us through. The Tinkerbell movies may've just been for me ;-)

We survived though and now he's a ravenous pig, eating everything in sight! That's a good thing because the boy was getting noticeably skinnier.

Ohhhhh the life of a mom.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

the little gym

Once I found out we were moving to Knoxville, I decided to try to find some good mom groups and resources to learn more about the area. I, of course, went to Facebook and just searched "knoxville mom" and stumbled upon the Knoxville Moms Blog.

YES! I love Knoxville. I love moms. I love blogs. Therefore, I will love this.

So I started following them and noticed they had an awesome giveaway going on so I decided to enter and ended up winning! Part of the prize was a week of camp at The Little Gym but once I realized the camps don't start until 3 years old, they were gracious to switch it out to a month of weekly mommy-and-me gym classes.

I got SO excited on the morning of our first class. I put him in his "gold medalist in training" shirt for kicks and giggles and majorly talked it up to him.

Unfortunately, the smile was short-lived.

The kid LOST it. Like panicky screams and clinging to me like a spider monkey. That made circle time really fun for everyone...

Once the circle time stuff was over, I worked him down my body to where he was just clinging to my leg and eventually pried him off of that too and he slooooowly started wandering around. He found a mat he could step on and off of over and over again and was loving life. He still wasn't a fan of doing anything we were supposed to be doing, but he wasn't screaming so we just let him do what he wanted.

Then. the BALLS.

All was right in the world after that.

After the balls and a little more ignored circle time, it was time to go home and he was OUT in seconds.

This Saturday was our second class.

It was night and day, y'all!

He loved every single second of it. He participated in every single activity and had a smile on his face the whole time.

We've got two classes left and I can't wait to see how much more he grows to love it in that time!
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