Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the end of an era

Who woulda thunk that the very last time I'd breastfeed Reuben would be the last day of World Breastfeeding Week?!

We'd been doing the "don't ask, don't offer" thing for the last few months because I was kind of over it, but I could tell he wasn't. We were down to a definite morning session that was basically his coffee. He was groggy and angry until he was done. And every once in a while he'd ask for it throughout the day and depending on how I was feeling, I may oblige.

Then, Monday morning he woke up at 4AM and didn't ask to nurse like he normally would have and then when we got up for good, he asked for it while I was facetiming with my parents, I said no, and he hasn't asked since!

I can't believe almost 18 months of nursing is done, just like that. I'm 99% ok with it, since I was ready to be done anyways, but the other 1% of me can't believe my baby doesn't need me in that way anymore. He just wants to "cuggle", which I love, but anybody can do that with him. It's just more proof that my baby is well on his way to becoming a little boy.

And I LOVE it.

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