Wednesday, March 26, 2014

night off

Last night was one of the most glorious nights of my life.

Clint was out of town

and Reuben was at my parent's house.

What's that? I think I hear angels singing...

But seriously, y'all. I love me some people and some good social time, but I'm an introvert through and through. To have 6 hours totally and completely to myself was one of the best things my mom and dad could've done for me.

I knocked out a week's worth of laundry and purged my closet in prep to move. I decided to toss/donate/sell close to 100 things. I don't know whether to be proud of that or sign myself up for some sort of hoarding intervention.

Confession: I found a pair of Levi's I got in 8th grade. They're hiddeous- two snaps instead of buttons, flares big enough they touch in the middle, covered in paint, and cut up the side since they're 3 inches too long. But they fit. So I kept them because I'm proud I can still wear them.

After I finished the purging and laundry was going, I sat myself down to eat a little bit of heaven. If you haven't had Talenti gelato, go getcha some. FOR REAL. You're welcome.

I got to watch whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted *cough*hours and hours of Law and Order:SVU*cough* and go to sleep whenver I felt like it. I even actually had to set an alarm for the first time in 13 months.

It. Was. Glorious.

But now I miss my boys. I'm more than ready to see them!

I'll leave you with this official toddler. He's walking everywhere now! It's like getting some new, fly kicks inspired him.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It's amazing how those kind of evenings can be so soothing to your soul!

  2. chocolate peanut butter cup gelato. must have some now!


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