Friday, March 14, 2014

five on friday

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[more zoo time]

Reuben and I so loved the zoo when we went a couple of weeks ago, we're going again! This time, with a whole group of mommies I've met on facebook. We're majorly excited to enjoy the warm-ish weather!

[american idol]

I gave up on American Idol a few seasons ago... it was just tired. Nothing had changed in the last 12 seasons and I didn't really like any of the contestants/winners. I'll be honest, I only started watching it this season because I think Harry Connick Jr. is awesome. But I'm SO impressed with how they've changed it up and it feels fresh again. There's some so-so talent, but a few stand outs.

Team Alex, FTW!

[on the move]

Reuben started walking this week!

Cue the waterworks.

I'm convinced he could walk across America now, but not so much for him. He'll take a few steps if I bribe him, but he's not really into it. He's a speed crawler, so that's still his main mode of transportation, but he's definitely on the way to toddling through life! 

[hill family farm]

I don't think I've talked about it on here, but my parents are farmers at Hill Family Farm! It's a new venture, started after my dad's job got eliminated in the fall. They've always loved gardening and added a few chickens to their family a couple of years ago. After moving to a house with 5 acres last year, they got more, just to get more eggs and maybe sell some on the side. Once my dad's job was gone, they realized this could be their life now and have jumped in with both feet and are killing it! They've got fruits, veggies, fresh chicken, pigs (that will make tasty bacon even though they're adorable), and eggs. If you're local to the Nashville area, check them out! If not, still check them out and see how dang cute those little walking pork chops are...


I'm really loving blogging nowadays. It feels much more natural than it has in the past. I'm happy to have this little space on the internet to record our life and all the crazy things going on in it. Thanks for reading it! :)


  1. Little walking pork chops?!?! I love it! Good for your parents, for taking the plunge. Major changes like that can be hard, it's good to see they are doing so well at it. I love some of our little local farms here, they have some good stuff. Happy Friday!

    1. It was definitely a huge leap of faith, but God has been good to them!

  2. your little one has fun running around there!

    1. Absolutely! He's obsessed with roosters and crowing. To him, everything crows. Even elephants at the zoo. haha


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