Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10/30: Embarassing Moment

Describe your most embarrassing moment.

High school was essentially just one giant awkward moment for me. I was constantly falling, tripping, getting caught on things, etc. and ALWAYS in front of someone.

There was this one time I tripped and fell three times in about 10 seconds in front of 600 people. Or the time I slipped in a puddle during my very first high school foot ball game in front of two cute boys from church and came up with what looked like tiger claw marks going up my thigh. Or the time I tried to look cool in front of the very same boys at camp that summer and hopped over a rope like it was nothing, only to get my back foot caught in it and fall straight on my face.

But no, I don't consider those my worst. At all.

I was a cheerleader my freshman year.

That's it.

I'm just kidding, but really. It was the most embarrassing experience as a whole.

One night was particularly bad.

We were in Portland, TN, in the middle of nowhere, but for some reason the stands were full. Three things happened...

1. My stunt group tried to do a basket-toss and one base was super strong and the other was weak and the flier ended up flying over the weak ones head and I barely caught her shoulders and fell to the ground with her.

2. During half time on the field, we were doing a cheer that required us to stunt. A different flier decided to just sit down on my head instead of cradling which ended with our entire group on the floor and me sobbing like a baby walking off the field because I was pretty sure my back was broken (clearly wasn't thinking about the fact I was walking off the field).

3. After sitting on the sidelines the rest of the game due to my presumably broken back, we won and the cheerleaders were going out on the field for the obligatory and awkward post-game hand smack down the line ritual. Portland didn't have a gate to get out to the field so we had to climb over the fence. Every other cheerleader had gone and made it look simple so I hopped on over, only to have the bench I was supposed to land on on the other side fall over, making me fall onto the fence beneath me, my pants getting caught, and me literally hanging off of the fence by my sweatpants. Somebody had to come help me rip my pants off the fence and my face was probably maroon by then.

It was awful. All of it. Awful.

And the most embarrassing night of my life.

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  1. Thank you for that laugh tonight! High School was horribly awkward for me as well. Good thing that time is only 4 years!


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