Thursday, February 13, 2014

life before Reuben

My MIL asks me a lot, "Do you even remember life without him?" And every time I giggle to myself and think...


Sleep. Sweet, sweet, sleep.

Leaving the house with just my keys and wallet.

Staying up past 10:00PM without batting an eye.

A mark free stomach.

Wearing whatever I wanted. There are just some things not worth trying to figure out how to nurse a baby in.

Vacationing with just one suitcase for the both of us.

Managable hair.

Showering leisurely on a regular basis. 

Uninterrupted meals. Where I'm only responsible for feeding myself.

Eating later than 5:30PM.


Alone time.

Yep. I remember all those things fondly.

But I can tell you this with 110% honesty...

I wouldn't trade a single second I have with Reuben for one more day of life before him.


  1. hahaha I love you started this because I can totally imagine that convo going down with a mom and MIL (or other mom). And it's true! While I remember all those times vividly and fondly, I would still choose where I am now. And maybe add a vacation on the side. ;)

    1. Oh. Definitely a vacation. Always a vacation!

  2. i'm savoring my sleep before the baby arrives! my husband and i sleep in every day on the weekends. oh, i will miss it so!

    1. Sleep is DEFINITELY the thing I miss the most. My parents kept Reuben on NYE and my husband let me sleep in until 10:00 New Years Day! HALLELUJAH!!!!

      It's still worth it though, I promise! ;-)

  3. I wouldn't trade my life with my two boys either, but oh do I look forward to sleeping in and uniterrupted meals! Oh to eat slow and leisurely. I savor every date night when I get to do that.

    1. YES! To not have a little vulture (with a plate full of his own food) literally groaning for a bite of mine. hahaha


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