Thursday, February 20, 2014

birthday par-tay!

You guys.

I wish I could relive Reuben's first birthday party over and over and over again. It was easily the best day of his short life. He's such a people baby. Having a day devoted to celebrating him was his biggest baby dream come true!

We decided on "Up!" as the theme. Clint and I both love that movie and I knew we could do some fun, simple things to tie it all together.

The vanilla cupcakes were dyed blue to be like the sky and then a dumdum rolled in sprinkles looked like a ton of balloons floating up through clouds!

We surrounded his high chair with balloons. Helium just didn't seem necessary and we really didn't want to spend that much just for a few hours. Plus a floor full of balloons was apparently a genius idea, but we'll get to that later.

Food was really simple. We did a rainbow tray of fruits and veggies, popcorn ball "clouds", and mini corn dogs. Everything was gone by the time the party was over, so I'd say it was all a hit!

Ok, so back to the balloons. If you're having a lot of young kids over to your house and you have no idea how to keep them all entertained for HOURS.... use balloons. All the kids were 5 and under and they had a blast! Plus, it was so funny watching them all interact, it was perfect entertainment for the adults!

This year was the year of the blocks. Reuben got a ton of them! I can't wait for him to get big enough to build stuff with me and Clint. Blocks just seem like the quintessential little boy toy. I love them!

The cake was a hit! He wasn't sure what to do with it at first, but after his first bite, he was hooked. He was a hot mess by the end and the few wet paper towels I had weren't going to cut it. Baby boy needed a middle of the party bath!

Please. Take a second to admire the aqua-ness of that bath water...

We went back downstairs to watch the movie Up! while enjoying his first slice of pizza with any friends who wanted to stay and eat dinner with us.

I couldn't help but tear up while I was rocking him to sleep that night. We love Reuben. Like a LOT. And he's incredibly special to us. But he's our kid. Of course we're going to love him.

But to see our friends who CHOOSE to love him so well, joining with us to celebrate his first year... y'all I'm getting teary eyed just typing this. 

It's just something special.

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