Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Childhood Crush

Linking up with Bonnie again today for Throwback Thursday!

Childhood crushes... wow. Is it bad that I can't count my crushes from elementary school on one hand? It's definitely a two-hand number. I do remember my absolutely first crush. In Kindergarten I was totally in love with a little boy named Nathan. He was tiny, blonde, mousy, and incredibly shy. Like so shy, I'm not even sure we ever had a conversation. Really appealing, right? I have no idea why I liked him.

There was a whole lotta puppy love and heartbreak in elementary school and early middle school, but I want to talk about my main squeeze in middle school...

Just look at that stud muffin.

Our parents were in a small group together through our church and we'd always get drug to their get-togethers and forced to hang out since we were in the same grade. We clicked well and started talking more once he moved to my middle school in 8th grade. By winter of our 8th grade year, we'd talk on the phone for HOURS. I wish I could go back and hear those conversations now. I was probably full of awkward attempts at flirting. I know for sure we'd play solitaire every night. We'd each play a game on our computer and see who finished first. Clint always beat me. And yes-- we were that cool.

I had a little crush on Clint all year long. Spring came around and he decided he liked our friend, Kellye, mostly out of social pressure because she was a firey redhead too. Everybody wanted Big Red to date Mrs. Big Red. They "dated" for a couple months and right before school was over for summer, she said she "just wanted to be friends." By the way, how many people used that line when breaking up with someone in middle school or high school? I know I did!

Anyways, Clint called me that night and said he really was ok with it because he had a crush on another girl anyway and we spent way too long telling-but not telling-each other we liked each other. Well, the next day at school, Kellye found out and, long story really short, made the entire grade hate me. (Kellye is now married and in our small group and we laughed at this story just a couple of weeks ago.)

Clint and I didn't care. We were in puppy love. And one afternoon, sitting on his couch watching Pistol Pete, we held hands for the very first time. Under a pillow of course, so that his parents couldn't see.

Fast forward 10 years...

After a lot of ups and downs and a few more childhood crushes for each of us, we're still together!

Did anybody else happen to marry their childhood crush? Let me know!


  1. This is so precious.. seriously. You probably have the best pictures in your house since you truly grew up together. Congratulations on finding the one so early on in life!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is SO adorable! Cutest story ever. If you can make it through middle school together, you can get through anything haha :)

  3. I am in love with this post. It's so sweet that you've known your husband so long!

  4. What??? That's so awesome that you guys really got to grow up together and know each other so well! I didn't even meet my husband till he was 24--sometimes I wish I could have been a part of his early life.


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