Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Framing Plans

Clint and I have jumped in to looking for houses. Long story short, we have a feeling we'll be here for a while and we don't want to keep renting. It feels like we're throwing our money away. Why not find something we love and actually put money towards owning it? So that's what we're doing.

We've found what appears to be an incredible house for an incredible price. We're going to look at it today and hoping it's as good as it seems. The outside needs a little lovin' on, but if the inside is as good as the pictures then it's got us hook, line and sinker.

I've been following Young House Love for a while now and a while ago they shared their framed hallway...


Sad news is, I don't have 65-70 white frames laying around. I started to think it could be done another way. I searched through DesignSponge and found SO much inspiration.

The last one is actually my dream living room. I spent some time last night trying to convince Clint it's not all girly but I don't think I got anywhere.

So, anyway, if this house works out, there are a ton of walls that need to be filled. I've got a sneaking suspicion that a frame collage of some sort will sneak its way in there... :)


  1. We just purchased our first home and I am infatuated with wall art via a bunch of frames. I have found some great ideas on Pinterest. Imagine that!

    I found your blog through miss casey leighs link up :)

    1. How would we ever decorate our houses without inspiration from Pinterest?! haha


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