Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad News/Good News

The incredible house for an incredible deal that seemed too good to be true, was really too good to be true. Womp woooompppp. It needs a new roof by, oh I'd say... yesterday. The ceiling in a bedroom upstairs was totally ruined from water damage from a leak in the roof. We took that as a big, fat NO from God.

We looked at several other houses and found one we see A LOT of potential in. Right now there's way more wood paneling than any house ever needs to see. I can just picture it all painted with white trim to make it a light and airy space. Everything but the hallway with the bedrooms and bathroom is one open space. Well, it will be once we knock down an unneeded half wall between two spaces.

So we put an offer in on it this morning. So all these idea are contingent on the seller accepting our offer. We're just praying that the Lord will keep leading us through this process. It sure is an exciting one!

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