Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend in ATL 2.0

We spent a whole weekend in Atlanta for our 1st anniversary last year and loved it so when Clint won a ton of tickets off of our friend's blog we were pumped! It was doubly exciting because some of our best friends moved down there for Emory law school so we had people to share the fun with! Plus it was Reuben's first time to the zoo and aquarium, both of which I LOVE.

The trip down there was pretty easy. We stopped halfway in Chattanooga to visit where Clint proposed three years ago. It's always fun to visit, but it was extra fun to bring Reuben with us!

We visited World of Coke, Zoo Atlanta, and the Georgia Aquarium. It was a blast!

There was a lot of this going on. He was such a trooper!

Super cheesey family picture that put us in a drawing for an African safari... OK! haha

Another family picture in front of allllll the pretty reef fish.

The way babies fall asleep cracks me up almost every time. The pacifier was hanging on by the tippy tip top of it and his head was thrown completely back. and he was OUT.

Intermingled was a whole lot of quality time with Ryan and Katie. They happened to be in town when Reuben was born so they'd met him in the hospital and spent a few hours with him last month, but this was the first good chunk of time he'd spent with them and he looooved it!

He got super fussy one night on the way home and we had to stop by Kroger for Clint to get some medicine (he got a really funky cold!) so Ryan said he'd walk around with him. Totally calmed him down and even got a smile out of him!

And clearly, he loves hanging out with his aunt Katie.

I can't wait for some Freeman babies :)

It was such a fun, laid-back, and relaxing weekend! Atlanta is quickly becoming a favorite spot of ours!


  1. Oh my gosh! It looks like you had so much fun, I love aquariums (mostly because I'm a wannabe mermaid.)

    Now. This may just be me, because I'm homeschooled and super strange BUT. We have a kinda sorta connection (which I find weird because we met through a blog hop/share deal, not in real life, or anything.) ARE YOU READY?!

    The other day I was looking at your Instagram, and then I was looking at your husbands. As I was scrolling I saw that he posted a picture of Jared Runion during the LH camp they were at together. FUN FACT: My best friend went to college at Hillsong with Jared AND they're good friends AND they were in a band together AND he is singing in Jared's upcoming wedding. WHHHHAT. To me, that may just be weird, but I thought I would share none the less. :) Jared has no idea who I am (I think), but I know about him through Colin (mutual best friend). I'm constantly amazed about how fast our small world is becoming smaller! Anywho, I shall quit writing the next War and Peace length novel on your comment section now. :)

    1. SHUT UP!!!!! That's insane!!! Clint's actually planning on going up to Jared's bachelor party. Will Colin be there? Seriously, that's crazy! Jared and Clint really hit it off at camp. He's such a great guy! That's SERIOUSLY such a small world!!

    2. I just saw this but YES. It is insane. I don't think that Colin's going, he hasn't mentioned anything to me. But yes! I have heard nothing but awesome things about Jared. I was like: "That looks like... OMG NO WAY."


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