Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend in ATL

We spent our anniversary weekend celebrating in Atlanta. We crammed just about as much as we could into 60 hours and I loved every single minute of it!

First stop?

World of Coke! It was so much fun. Totally cheesy, but in the best way possible. There's a room with tons of Coke products from around the world for you to try. Some of them were tasty. Others made me want to throw up. One particularly bad one was from somewhere in Africa. It was minty! MINTY! Like carbonated mouthwash. It took everything in me not to spit it out. Needless to say, I was a happy camper when I saw a whole section dedicated to Coke in all its different forms in America, including Diet Coke!

(Speaking of Diet Coke, I really am doing a pretty good job of drinking more water. I'm down to about a can a day, which is really not that horrible. WOO HOO!)

That night we had dinner with some of our good friends that moved down there for law school. So good catching up with them!

Second stop?

CNN Center! Pretty cool... we probably wouldn't have gone if it hadn't been included on our CityPass, but it was a nice way to spend an hour. Plus, it was cool to see that place empty, because the only time I've ever been in there is at Passion with 25,000 other people!

Third (and arguably, best) stop?

THE AQUARIUM!!!! We got to go on a behind the scenes tour, which totally made my day. I'm a gigantic dork and legitimately teared up when I saw this big guy swim by. I've been wanting to go see the whale shark since the aquarium opened in high school, so being like 10 feet away from him with no glass was mind blowing. Gave me chills. It's a top-notch aquarium. If you're ever in Atlanta with a free day, you should totally go!

Last stop?

The zoo! This came in a close second as far as best attractions go. Panda bears have been on my list of animals I want to see (right above a great white shark... seriously), so seeing this little guy made my heart all warm and fuzzy. When we got there, he was eating bamboo back in the corner and then got up and walked around all cute. I want like 10 of them as pets.

Clint almost got in a fight with this big man.

Clint tapped on the glass and he swung his arm around and banged the glass right back and gave him a look like, "If I could just get to you, I'd break your arm off." And apparently that wasn't the first time he'd done that. He got so mad when he saw the vet that did some work on him once that he hit the glass so hard it cracked all the way up. He's got some serious anger issues.

We wrapped up the weekend at home by eating our cake topper. It still tasted as good as it still looks!

How have you guys spent your anniversaries? Anybody else have a list of animals they want to see in real life, or am I the only one?

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