Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Wow. It's hard to believe I haven't written anything since August. It doesn't feel like it's been that long! It seems like not much has changed...


Lamberth baby #2 is on its way! It'll be here sometime in the spring, either April or May. We are beyond excited and thankful for this little guy/girl.

We find out what we're having in just 15 days! I can hardly believe it's almost that time already! I have absolutely zero idea what I think it is. I'd love a girl because pink, glitter, bows, ya know, girl stuff. Not to mention the mother-daughter relationship. BUT I so badly want Reuben to have a brother that I almost want this one to be a boy just so he's guaranteed to have one.

First trimester was a lot harder this time around. It was just so hard to not be able to rest like I wanted/needed to. Thankfully, I'm 14.5 weeks so I'm past that and feeling better already. We had a couple of scares with spotting, but thanks to God, everything is going perfect!

So besides adding to our family, things have been low key around these parts. Reuben and I spent a couple of weekends with my parents in Nashville while Clint had really busy weekends. I just wasn't up for being home alone with Reuben 24/7 for 3-4 days straight when I could hard pick him up I was so tired. We had a lot of fun while home and Reuben had some great times on the farm.

Halloween was a blast here, too! Reuben was finally old enough to trick or treat and have fun in a costume. We found a handmade puppy costume for only $5 at Goodwill and after a quick run through the washer and dryer, it was like new! We went to Boo at the Zoo at the Knoxville Zoo first, and that wasn't a hit. It was too late in the day and he was just too young to really have a ton of fun and it was CROWDED. We'll go again next year since it was only $5 for zoo members and he'll be older, but we probably could've skipped it this year.

On actual Halloween night, we went to a trunk or treat at a local church and it was PERFECT. It started at 5:30, All of the cars were in one parking lot, and we were in and out in about 20 minutes. He loved it and had "trick or treat" down by the end of it. Or should I say "tri treee" instead. ;-)

I miss this space. There's so much Reuben is doing and so many things going on in our lives I want to remember all in one place. I'll be back often :)


  1. Congratulations on that exciting news!!!

  2. what wonderful news. congratulations!!! can't wait to find out the gender. i am guessing girl :)


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