Tuesday, May 13, 2014

hasta la vista house

I haven't blogged because I've been up to my eyeballs in house fixing-up. It was never ending, frustrating, and absolutely overwhelming. I spent the majority of last Wednesday in constant tears, thinking of what I needed to get done to get our house on the market by Thursday.

Without Clint.

WITH a teething toddler.

Thankfully, our parents stepped up in a BIG way and came to the rescue and it was all done by 7:30 that evening. I sent our realtor pictures to let him know it was as ready as it could be and to put it up the next morning. I wanted it on the market before I went to Knoxville so I could get it clean and it'd stay that way for showings on the weekend without me having to do it again and again. Clever, right? ;-)

I left early Friday morning to go to Knoxville for Mother's Day. Our realtor, Jeff, called and told us that there were 3 showings for the day. While Reuben was napping, Clint said we needed to start looking for a town house in Knoxville since I'd be there soon. I told him we should wait because I didn't want to find something so soon when the house wouldn't sell for a while.

He said "I've been praying God would sell the house this week. He's going to do it."

I agreed to go look at a couple of places, fell in love with one, and as we were driving home from seeing it, got a phone call from Jeff...

You guys...


Seriously. In three days. I can't even believe it. I'll be in Knoxville permanently on June 1st. I can't even stand it, I'm so excited!!! 



  1. I love your husband's confidence in God's provision. And it sounds like you did a great job getting the house into shape if it sold so quickly. So exciting! Congratulations!!!

  2. yay congratulations!!! such a relief.


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