Monday, October 21, 2013

tatt. tatt. tatt it up!

It is done.

My skin is inked for the rest of  my life.

And I LOVE it!

That was before. Not gonna lie, I was absolutely terrified. I was sure I wanted it, but I'm a big sissy when it comes to change and a tattoo is about as permanent as you can get. Clint ended up having to leave before we got started so it was just me and Zane, the tattoo artist. I could hardly breathe when I heard him start up the machine. And then he started...

It didn't hurt!

Not even joking. I mean, I wouldn't want it done ALL the time, but it wasn't painful. Just a little uncomfortable. It only took a little over an hour. He just did the outline. I'll go back in November for shading and color and I can't wait. I love it so much already, so I know I'll only love it more.

Here it is...

Clint doctored this picture up a little so you couldn't tell just how red my arm was. Here it is unedited.

My poor, sensitive skin.

The tattoo is symbolic of our sweet angel baby. I wanted something that was beautiful and a reminder, but a happy one since God blessed us so much through it.

Peonies are one of the birth flowers for April, when we lost the baby, and daffodils are for December, when baby would've been due. Job 1:21 is the scripture the Lord brought to mind the moment I found out I was pregnant and was my motto for the next few months.

I think it's perfect. Absolutely perfect. And I'm praying God uses it as an opportunity to share about all he's done in our lives. He is so very, very good!

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