Wednesday, October 2, 2013

not mine.

The further I get into being a mom, the more motherhood is being turned upside down for me.

I've caught myself calling Reuben "mine" more and more. He's "my" son. I decide what's best for him. I know what he needs. I know how to comfort him. I know what to do.

There's a whole lotta "my" and "I" in those sentences.

I heard some news today that rocked me to my core. I don't really want to share anything because it's not my news to share.

But I'll tell you this...

It's reminded me Reuben is NOT MINE.

He is GOD'S.

The Lord has blessed me with this giggly, strong willed, joyful little boy. I've done absolutely nothing to deserve him. Honestly, I don't deserve such a wonderful gift.

But God's entrusted him to me anyways, because that's how good He is.

He is God's. GOD knows what's best for him. GOD knows what he needs. GOD knows how to comfort him. GOD knows what to do.

I need to find the answers in God. I need to raise Reuben up knowing the truths of God. He's been given to me for the last 7.5 months and every single day has been a gift I don't deserve. If God decides to take him to heaven tomorrow, that's ultimately what's best for him.

He. Is. Not. MINE.

What a joy it is to have him in my life.

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