Wednesday, September 11, 2013

6 Month Must Haves

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1. Hylands Teething Tablets- These little gems have saved a small part of my sanity. I'm in no way above giving my kid Tylenol/Ibuprofen, but these things seem to seriously help him in the pain department. I usually give them toward the 3 hour after medicine mark when things start getting uncomfortable and he'll normally level back out in the moodiness department.

2. Sophie the Giraffe- I originally thought this thing was way over-hyped. I mean it's essentially a really expensive chew toy. But now I've seen the light. Reuben is obsessed with Sophie. He gets this ridiculous grin on his face when I make it squeak and will chew on it for a solid 30 minutes which is a really long time in baby-time. I love her. Like a lot.

3. aden + anias Burpy Bib- We got one of these as a hand me down and I've loved it! It wouldn't be good for a wear-around-the-house bib since it's so big, but it's perfect for catching all the drops of food that are inevitable when starting solids. Honestly, we haven't done a ton of solids so it doesn't get a whole lot of use in the kitchen, but it's Reuben's absolute favorite thing to sleep with. He sucks and chews on it to get to sleep in his crib and since it's muslin, I'm not afraid if it falls over his face for a little while.

4. Gerber Yogurt Melts- I picked a pack of these up on a whim when we were in Louisville for a wedding. I figured if I could keep his mouth busy, he wouldn't make noise during the wedding. My plan failed, but at least I found out he likes these! They're pretty tasty and have kept him entertained since then in church and at restaurants.

5. Where is Baby's Belly Button?- Reuben loves this book. Like L-O-V-E-S it. The colors are vivid, the flaps are entertaining, and it's a great way to start introducing him to different body parts. We normally end a reading with a fun game of peek-a-boo which is always a hit.

6. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes- We don't actually own this toy, but it's been a gigantic hit in the nursery at church. He's in there for an hour on Sunday mornings and a couple hours on Tuesday mornings while my mom goes to a bible study and plays with it all the time. He loves the music and the lights. And from a mama's perspective, classical music coming from a toy is a lot easier to handle than some of the other songs I've heard come from baby toys. This is on my to-buy-for-our-house list.

7. Carter's Cotton Zip-Up Sleep and Play- Now that little man is in his own crib, we're breaking out the footie pjs again. He got too hot sleeping in bed with us so he'd only sleep in a onesie. He's always cute, but a baby in footie pjs makes my heart pitter patter just a little harder. I especially love the cotton Carter's pjs because they fit him perfectly right now. Not baggy, but not tight. Just the right amount of snugness to show off his little round belly and chunky thighs. And a zipper is almost a must. Dude is in an "I hate to have my clothes changed" stage so the quicker and easier, the better.

What about you? What got you through your kiddo's 6th month of life?

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